Give Before You Ask

Give Before You Ask

The Secret to Getting More Prospects to Say Yes In his landmark book Influence, Robert Cialdini identified six powerful levers of persuasion that make buyers more likely to say “yes” to your offer. The first of these, and arguably one of the most powerful, is Reciprocity. Reciprocity is a powerful effect that influences our decision-making in often unseen ways. It’s …

Overcoming Marketing Amnesia to Grow Your Brand

Overcoming Marketing Amnesia

Why Relevant and Memorable Content Marketing Always Wins If you’ve visited my website recently, or have been following my company on social, chances are that you may have noticed that we recently changed our brand name from DBS Marketing to Big Purple Fish. Chances are that you probably think I’m crazy, especially if you have ever renamed a brand or …

Why Marketing is So Hard

Learn why marketing can be so challenging and get started down the path to becoming a better marketer. In my last email I talked about breaking the cycle of bad marketing. I also talked about how one of the keys to breaking that cycle was understanding certain rules of marketing that are not always taught in school or easy to …

Break the Cycle of Bad Marketing

Break the Cycle of Bad Marketing

Learn how to supercharge your digital marketing to drive meaningful growth for your business. We’ve all been there before. We’ve got a product or service that we want to market. We either hire an agency to put together a killer campaign for us on search or social, or we do it ourselves. We put a lot of money behind our …

Agile Marketing Intelligence: The Cure to Entrepreneurial Bias and Entrepreneurial Inertia

Agile Marketing Intelligence

In our last article we discussed how startups need to overcome two marketing challenges in order to succeed: Entrepreneurial Bias and Entrepreneurial Inertia. Both of these forces conspire to prevent startups from rapidly adapting to changing market conditions. We also touched upon an approach that can help startups beat these challenges: Agile Marketing Intelligence. Today we’ll describe this approach in …

Two Marketing Challenges Every Startup Must Overcome

Two Marketing Hurdles

When I talk to any startup and the subject of marketing comes up, it often begins from a very tactical perspective. Entrepreneurs often want to discuss what marketing channels they should pursue, what their marketing mix and budget should look like, what a good cost per acquisition is for their industry and so forth. These are all valid questions for …

How to Tell Authentic Stories About Your Brand

Great performing brands all have one thing in common. They have a great story to tell and they do a great job telling that story. But it’s surprising how few companies actually do this well. Learn how the best brands pull it off and how you can too.

Why Great Customer Service is Great Marketing

Marketing and customer service are often thought of as two separate and unrelated functions. This perspective couldn’t be farther from the truth. The companies that consistently outperform their rivals understand that great marketing begins and ends with great customer service.