Confirmation Bias – Marketing Powered by Belief

Fuel Your Marketing with the Power of Belief

Tap into what your best customers believe to drive dramatic marketing results for your business. What I’m about to share with you is quite possibly the hardest of my marketing rules to master. But when you do, it will have a dramatic impact on your marketing efforts. It’s called The Rule of Belief, and it’s based on a phenomenon of …

Two Marketing Challenges Every Startup Must Overcome

Two Marketing Hurdles

When I talk to any startup and the subject of marketing comes up, it often begins from a very tactical perspective. Entrepreneurs often want to discuss what marketing channels they should pursue, what their marketing mix and budget should look like, what a good cost per acquisition is for their industry and so forth. These are all valid questions for …

Why Great Customer Service is Great Marketing

Marketing and customer service are often thought of as two separate and unrelated functions. This perspective couldn’t be farther from the truth. The companies that consistently outperform their rivals understand that great marketing begins and ends with great customer service.